Are Modular Contractors the Future? An In-depth Look Into the Construction Revolution

In a time of increasing global temperatures, persistent supply chain disruptions, and labour shortages, the construction sector faces a myriad of challenges. Modular contractors are emerging as a practical and innovative solution, reshaping the construction landscape and promising a sustainable future. 

The Emergence of Modular Contractors 

Off-Site Construction: A New Era 

 Off-site construction is a burgeoning trend that is redefining the industry. Modular contractors are at the forefront, utilising this method and cutting-edge technologies to enhance and future-proof their projects. Their approach is transforming the very fabric of the construction process, providing answers to complex questions that have long plagued the sector. 

 Why Modular Construction is in High Demand

1. Greener Construction 

Modular construction significantly reduces the operational energy traditionally required while minimising waste. By employing precise digital techniques, smaller onsite crews, limited transportation of materials, and less fossil-fuel-powered machinery, modular contractors are championing eco-friendly practices. Such actions align with the UK government’s efforts, through the Ministry of Housing, to establish an MMC task force to promote modern construction methods, aiming to reach its net-zero target by 2050.

2. Reusable Nature 

The continuous disruption of supply chains during the pandemic has strained many businesses. However, modular contractors have navigated these challenges with ease due to their need for fewer materials and the ability to dismantle, relocate, and reuse modules. This adaptability demonstrates the resilience and flexibility inherent in the modular approach. 

 3. The UK’s Affordable Home Programme 

With a pledge to build 300,000 new homes annually, the UK government recognises the limitations of relying solely on traditional construction methods. Modular contractors, with their accelerated building schedules and reduced costs, can assist in achieving this ambitious goal. They deliver high-quality properties swiftly, leveraging the simultaneous assembly of construction modules in controlled factory environments. 

Jerram Falkus: Leaders in Modular Construction 

We at Jerram Falkus, an experienced family-run construction company with over 138 years of service across London and the South East, firmly believe in the transformative potential of modular construction. Our commitment to client needs has led us to incorporate more modular projects into our portfolio, showcasing our confidence in this approach. 

Our Vision 

Recognising the benefits and efficiency of modular construction, we strive to play a vital role in making the construction industry in the UK more sustainable. Our expertise and dedication to innovation allow us to contribute to projects that align with societal needs and environmental concerns. 

 Conclusion: Join the Revolution 

Modular construction, driven by skilled modular contractors, presents a dynamic and adaptable solution to the challenges faced by the construction industry today. The fusion of technological innovation, environmental responsibility, and cost-effectiveness positions modular construction as vital to the UK’s construction future. 

If you’re looking to kickstart your construction projects with the right modular contractors, get in touch with Jerram Falkus. We would be delighted to work with you, delivering quality, innovation, and sustainability tailored to your needs. Our experience and passion for modular construction enable us to provide unparalleled service and results, making us the preferred choice for projects across various sectors.