Are Modular Contractors the Future?

Modular contractors are becoming more popular with increasing global temperatures, supply chain disruptions, and labour shortages continuously adding strain to the construction sector.

Off-site construction is redefining the sustainable future, and modular contractors are increasingly using this innovative construction method alongside other leading technologies to uplift and future-proof their projects.

Why is modular construction in high demand?

That’s because it is providing better solutions to today’s construction challenges. Here are some reasons it has grown in popularity recently:

1. Greener Construction

Modular construction reduces the overall amount of operational energy traditionally required and waste products emitted since it utilises precise digital techniques. That’s possible because this construction method requires smaller onsite crews, reduced transportation of materials to and from the site, and fewer fossil-fuel-powered machinery onsite. This partly explains why the UK government, through the Ministry of Housing, is planning to establish an MMC task force to promote the use of modern methods of construction to meet its net-zero target by 2050.

2. Reusable Nature

One of the most significant effects of the pandemic on the construction industry has been the continuous disruption of supply chains that have put considerable strain on many businesses. But modular contractors have been able to navigate through these challenges better because they need fewer materials, and they can also dismantle, relocate, and reuse modules.

3. The UK’s Affordable Home Programme

Besides its commitment to an 80% reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, the UK government has also pledged to build 300,000 new homes every year. However, they have not been able to meet that target since the proposal’s inception in 2017. This means that they cannot rely on traditional methods of construction alone to meet this ambitious goal.

However, the UK government can leverage the accelerated building schedules and reduced building costs typical of modular construction to meet this target. Modular contractors can deliver high-quality properties in a shorter timeframe because of their ability to assemble various construction modules simultaneously in an enclosed and controlled factory.

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