Building Contractors in London Look to Turn Offices into Housing

Building Contractors in London are working on turning empty offices into homes. Why? Due to Covid-19, offices in Central London were left deserted as workers stayed at home, according to the government guidance, in a bid to reduce the risk of transmitting the virus. As a result of remote working, most offices have been left empty, and the City of London is planning to transform vacant offices into 1,500 homes by 2030, with the aid of building contractors. This is to enable and promote sustainable, flexible, and adaptable buildings.

The City of London Corporation, which looks after the famous Square Mile, known for its many banking and finance institutions, said they will be changing their operations to accommodate more flexible working in the future. It will be achieved by adapting to the post-pandemic economic and social trends.

The pandemic has led to a huge and sudden change in working patterns, and agility is key. The policy chair of the City of London Corporation said many companies had told them their operations will change to accommodate a hybrid and flexible work system.

As part of a recovery strategy, the Corporation is encouraging building companies to use offices to meet the housing target. According to research, the housing crisis was a major challenge faced during this pandemic, as the estimated number of new homes that need to be constructed in London every year is 345,000, but there was a decrease in the number of the total housing stock by around 244,000 in 2019/20.

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