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What’s behind the scaffolding?

14/06/2024 Works are progressing at our Regent Street project. Jerram Falkus are undertaking refurbishment and restoration works on this Grade II Listed Building – 309 Regent Street, University of Westminster. The brightly coloured scaffolding is in place adding a touch of…
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Inspiring Pride – An Inclusive Employer

17/06/2024 It’s Pride Month! This is a time to celebrate LGBTQI+ communities globally and locally. It is an opportunity for people to come together in love and friendship, as well as taking a moment to reflect on past struggles and the…
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Check out our progress at St Clements!

06/06/2024 Works are well underway at our St Clements House project for MHS Homes in Rochester! We were able to obtain some great drone footage! The frame is largely complete and soon we will be topping out! Well done to the…
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Top 10 Construction Industry Trends

28/05/2024 Staying abreast of industry trends is imperative for maintaining competitive advantage and fostering innovation. Adopting new technologies and practices in the ever-evolving construction landscape is crucial for efficiency, sustainability, and client satisfaction. We are dedicated to embracing innovation and forward-thinking…
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Building Green: How Jerram Falkus is Tackling Air Quality in Construction

28/05/2024 As urbanisation accelerates and our cities continue to expand, the impact of construction activities on air quality has become a pressing concern.  Air pollution from construction activities poses severe health risks and contributes to environmental degradation, affecting biodiversity and accelerating…
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Building a Brighter Future: Jerram Falkus Helps Councils Meet Housing Needs

24/04/2024 With mounting housing shortages across the UK, the urgency for new council house building has never been more pronounced. As communities grapple with the challenges of providing adequate, affordable housing, the role of experienced construction firms in driving forward these…
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Net Zero Homes: The Future of Sustainable Living

23/04/2024 Jerram Falkus is committed to pioneering the future of sustainable living through innovative construction projects. A key component of this commitment is our focus on net zero homes as we continue to build for the future. Zero-energy homes are designed…
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Building a Sustainable Future: Residential Low Energy, Passivhaus & BREEAM Explained

23/04/2024 The construction industry plays a pivotal role in the global movement towards sustainability. With buildings accounting for a significant portion of energy consumption worldwide, the imperative to reduce environmental impact through sustainable construction practices has never been more urgent. Our…
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