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Bringing Communities Together – Social Value Manager Alison Cormack meets up with the Bow Geezers

12/04/2023 At Jerram Falkus, we believe that our roles go well beyond the realms of construction to encompass social value commitments. An exemplification of this commitment is our recent collaboration with a local community group, the Bow Geezers.  The Bow Geezers…
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Jerram Falkus educates Ilford pupils on environmental awareness

08/03/2023 Working in collaboration with Inspire, Jerram Falkus was fortunate enough to co-host an environmental awareness activity, which was delivered to 120 Year 2 pupils from Cleveland Primary School in Ilford. Inspire’s World of Work educational programme brings together business and…
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Barnardo’s students break ground at Melfield Gardens

23/02/2023 Last month, Social Value Manager Alison Cormack and Marketing & New Business Assistant Sophie Hill met with Rebecca Knowles, Children’s Services Manager at Barnardo’s Building Hope Academy, to see how Jerram Falkus could work with Barnardo’s. A week later, we…
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National Apprenticeship Week: Richard Blake, Commercial Director

09/02/2023 National Apprenticeship Week is a time to celebrate the power and potential that apprenticeships hold for shaping the future of individuals and businesses alike. One such testament to the potency of apprenticeships is our very own Commercial Director, Richard Blake.…
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National Apprenticeship Week: Josh Hanmore, Apprentice Electrician

08/02/2023 National Apprenticeship Week presents an opportunity to showcase the transformative power of apprenticeships in shaping the future of young professionals. A prime example of this is evident in the journey of Josh Hanmore, an up-and-coming apprentice electrician. The Early Stages…
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National Apprenticeship Week: Peter Bowtell, Associate Director

06/02/2023 As we celebrate National Apprenticeship Week, Jerram Falkus, an established construction firm with a long-standing tradition of nurturing talent, is proud to shine a spotlight on the benefits of apprenticeships. Not just an entrance into the working world, apprenticeships provide…
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Full steam ahead at Melfield Gardens

02/02/2023 Melfield Gardens is a £12.5m design and build residential scheme for Phoenix Community Housing. Located in Lewisham, the development involves the demolition of the existing building, followed by the design and construction of 32 new homes and a community room.…
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Breaking the Bias for Women in Construction: Charlotte Craven’s Journey

17/01/2023 In the traditionally male-dominated construction industry, women have made considerable strides over the past decade. With increasing diversity and representation, the construction sector continues to evolve, becoming a more inclusive environment where everyone, regardless of gender, can thrive. At Jerram…
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