Combining Housing and Education Construction

Jerram Falkus Construction is delighted to have signed a deal with Countryside and the Department for Education to deliver a £52m mixed-use housing and education construction project called Ark Soane in the heart of Acton.

This mixed-use multi-million-pound project will see the construction of Ark Soane Academy, a new 1200-place secondary that will occupy the first three floors of the building, with 113 housing units on the upper levels and three separate townhouses on the site.

The scheme also features an energy centre with a ground source heat pump to transfer heat to and from the ground to improve energy efficiency and reduce the property’s carbon footprint. Additionally, the Ark Soane Academy will benefit from surrounding facilities that include; a sports hall, playground, and a multi-use games area.

Full planning for this housing and education construction project has been secured, and the school is due to open by September 2022. This is a step in the right direction for meeting the high demand for affordable housing within the London borough of Ealing.

Combining and designing housing and education projects, such that they complement each other in a single real estate development like this one, will help form a community unit with the potential to boost the area’s productivity and social connectedness.

Moreover, with easy access to basic amenities, the mixed-use project will help to increase walkability in the area and reduce the reliance on cars, leading to lower carbon emissions. This is a positive move with sustainability being a hot topic at the moment and considering the UK’s ambitious net-zero targets by 2050.

About Jerram Falkus

We are a family-run construction company with a solid commitment to meeting all our clients’ needs. We have extensive experience working on both housing and education construction projects, including our contribution to the Ark Soane mixed-use scheme.

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