Community Engagement

Jerram Falkus have been trading for 130 years and have very strong ties with the communities in which we work. As a family owned and managed business, the company has always prided itself on providing opportunities for local individuals and companies, who in turn help the local economy to prosper.

Jerram Falkus aim to leave a positive legacy in every community in which we operate. Our programmes are rooted in our own expertise and create positive opportunities across the community including in schools, apprenticeship programmes, the local workforce and the unemployed. We aim to boost local employment during the project, build skills at every level and create long-term opportunities within the industry.


Led by a dedicated Employment and Skills Officer, we deploy our own Social Value Measurement tool and aim to achieve significant levels of engagement and impact.

  • Dedicate 10% of our turnover to community projects
  • Target up to 80% local labour and supply chain within 25 miles of the project
  • Currently meet these targets on 98% of completed projects
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