First modular homes arrive at Wivenhoe Road site

We were joined on site by Cllr Siama Asraf, Deputy Leader London Borough of Barking and Dagenham and Martin Andvik of Be First, to see the first pre-fabricated units delivered to our Wivenhoe Road modular housing project. Our modular home set-up contractors were ready to take on the project.

Cllr Siama Ashraf said, “These new homes will be for local families who are on our council waiting list and have no permanent home. By using the latest modular technology we can build at pace so we can put a roof over their heads more quickly.”

Our modular home set-up contractors prepared the groundworks ready for the delivery of the 20 two-bedroom modular homes from Premier Modular’s factory in East Yorkshire. Once installed, commissioning and landscaping will start and we are set to complete the project within 30 weeks.

Peter Bowtell, Jerram Falkus’ Construction Director said: “It is great to see the delivery of the first units at Wivenhoe Road, our second modular housing project for Be First and Barking and Dagenham. By using off-site construction we are able to deliver these new homes faster and more efficiently to the client, on what would be a challenging site to develop using standard construction methods.”
Martin Andvik, Construction Manager at Be First, said: “The use of modern modular construction has allowed for these new homes to be built and delivered in record time, matching the council’s ambition to provide homes for people in need.”
The development is due to be complete in February 2021.
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