Golf and Generosity

This is a heartwarming story about Ricky Smith and his initiative to combine his love of golf with a fantastic cause! Here are the key takeaways:

Charity Golf Day

Site manager Ricky Smith organises a charity golf day every year.

This event serves as a great team-building activity for staff and subcontractors to connect outside of work.

All the money raised goes towards a voucher for a well-deserved holiday for a child with cancer or another serious illness and their family.

These breaks offer families a much-needed escape from the stress of a child’s illness and a chance to create lasting memories. In one instance the break proved to be a lifeline for the parents’ relationship

The charity golf days have sent three families on unforgettable vacations.

Heartfelt Generosity

The most recent event raised over £30,000 for an 8-year-old boy battling a terminal illness. This came through donations from Jerram Falkus Construction staff, sub-contractors and from Jerram Falkus Construction.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work!

Jerram Falkus Construction Supported a Charity Golf Day

Kudos to Ricky, Alison Cormack, the apprentices, and Bryan Jones for their collaborative efforts in making the most recent charity day such a success.

This is a brilliant example of how a fun activity can make a real difference in the lives of those facing immense challenges.