Hotel Construction Companies In The UK and The Rise of Staycations

As the world recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic, the travel industry continues to adapt to a new reality. In the UK, a significant shift in travel habits has emerged with the rise of staycations. Staycations are increasingly becoming the latest trend in the UK. As a result, UK hotel construction companies are poised for significant growth in the coming years.

What are Staycations?

A staycation is a vacation where people stay in their home country instead of travelling abroad. This trend has become increasingly popular for several reasons.

Why are Staycations Popular?

  1. Countries are continuously moving in and out of lockdowns due to the pandemic.
  2. International travel is now somewhat of a luxury, especially with countries interchanging between green, amber, and red lists.
  3. Fear of contracting the virus or one of its infectious variants via international travel. There have also been concerns surrounding the spread of the virus, impacting travel abroad as 7% of people would rather have a staycation, whereas 24.7% would rather go abroad.
  4. Staycations are a cheaper and more cost-effective alternative.

The Impact of Staycations on Hotel Construction Companies

The high demand for Brits to vacate at home will see hotel construction companies in the UK grow. The UK hotel market will grow by 375 projects over the next few years bringing about 55,388 new rooms. Most of these new openings will be 4* hotels, and 88 of them will be 5*. Geographical locations include London, inevitably leading with 97 new hotels, alongside Liverpool, Glasgow, Manchester, Birmingham, Plymouth, Edinburgh, Leeds, Cambridge, and Belfast.

Hilton is the fastest-growing hotel brand in the UK. Its rapid expansion sees Hampton with Hilton (first place), Hilton Garden Inn (third place) and DoubleTree by Hilton (fifth place) taking spots within the ‘nation’s top 5. The other two are Courtyard by Marriot (second place) and Holiday Inn Hotels & Resorts (fourth place).

In closing, staycations provide excellent opportunities for individuals and families to explore terrains they wouldn’t otherwise have explored, had it not been for COVID-19. The United Kingdom is uniquely blessed with abundant diverse areas of attractive countryside and tourist-led city centres.

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