Inspiring Pride – An Inclusive Employer

It’s Pride Month! This is a time to celebrate LGBTQI+ communities globally and locally. It is an opportunity for people to come together in love and friendship, as well as taking a moment to reflect on past struggles and the continuing efforts required to achieve true equality.

When did it start and why June?

On 28 June 1970, the first Pride march was organised in New York City to commemorate the Stonewall riots – a series of clashes between the police and LGBTQ+ protesters which stretched over six days – the year before.

Pride at Jerram Falkus

At Jerram Falkus we are keen to raise the profile of the construction industry and opportunities within our company for LGBTQIA+ community members. This commitment comes directly from our Board of Directors and we are regular attendees and supporters of Pride In London and encourage staff and supply chain teams to participate.

We also support local groups including Barking & Dagenham LGBTQ+ Professional Network and the subsidiary groups that they support and engage with. We support Forest Gayte Pride and Walthamstow Pride.

In addition many of our colleagues are taking part in events across the capital in their neighbourhoods and communities.

Jerram Falkus embraces diversity and LGBTQ+ equality, and we have policies and strategies in place to encourage an inclusive workforce, and equal and supportive workplaces for all our colleagues.

Stronger together

We know that our team are at their best when they feel comfortable to be themselves. We also know, from experience that a fairer, more inclusive working environment increases job satisfaction, productivity, staff retention, recruitment options and brand reputation. Equality benefits us all.

We firmly believe that diversity is our strength and are delighted to be celebrating Pride Month with our partners. There have been great strides in obtaining equality however we are not complacent. There is work still to be done and as such, we will keep our sleeves rolled up and continue to work and stand with our LGBTQ+ friends and colleagues.