Jerram Falkus and 15billionebp introduce young people to the world of construction

Since the end of May, as part of our partnership with 15billionebp, we have hosted three school events in Newham, 1 event in Waltham Forest and 1 work experience placement for 2 students. This was a companywide effort from both our head office and site teams.

In total we engaged with 282 young people – hopefully, we have inspired at least a few of these students to consider a career in construction!

Our Social Value Manager Alison Cormack, organised each of the endeavours undertaken as part of our partnership with 15billionebp. One of these was a building brick activity which we delivered, on separate occasions, to Year 2 children from both Drew Primary School and Nelson Primary School. Alison delivered these events in collaboration with Jason Panzavechia from Total Build Ltd.

We also delivered an Architect & Eco building activity to Year 5 and Year 6 students from Britannia Village Primary, as well as a park activity on the environment to students from Handsworth Primary School.

Just last month, we welcomed work experience students Denisa and David from Langdon Academy. The students spent time learning about different business functions at the office and also had the opportunity to go on site visits.

Jerram Falkus is passionate about hosting work experience and career engagement opportunities. Offering young people the valuable chance to gain practical knowledge and skills, and an insight into the world of work, can increase their independence and confidence and help them decide upon their future careers.

We look forward to hosting more work experience events for 15billionebp in the future.