Jerram Developments introduces work experience student to the world of real estate

At Jerram Developments, we take pride in fostering a nurturing environment conducive to talent development. In line with this philosophy, we were delighted to host Blake, a student from Bradfield College, for a work experience programme in the fascinating realm of real estate.

Meeting the Mentors

Under the watchful guidance of Brian Grout, our Senior Land & Planning Manager, Blake was introduced to the multifaceted dimensions of the real estate industry. Brian, with his wealth of knowledge and industry experience, was the perfect mentor to help Blake navigate his first foray into the professional world.

The Essence of Real Estate

Blake’s induction was meticulously curated to offer a broad perspective of real estate roles, including crucial aspects such as land acquisition and the valuation of residential properties using comparables. He was also given a succinct introduction to town planning – a field that forms the backbone of the real estate landscape.

Inside the Boardroom

An integral part of Blake’s work experience was the opportunity to participate in meetings with seasoned professionals. A notable encounter was with a Director from Allsops’ Commercial Valuations department, who introduced Blake to the nuanced realms of corporate mixed-use, value-added and portfolio valuations.

This interface with professionals in their native environment provided Blake with an invaluable insight into real-world operations. During his time, he was also introduced to trainee surveyors and an older graduate working towards accreditation with the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors.

A Field Trip to Cremer Street

Blake had the opportunity to visit our 32 Cremer Street development in Hoxton. This project, a proud collaboration between Jerram Developments and Jerram Falkus Construction Ltd., allowed Blake to inspect a flat at a tenancy changeover and gain a firsthand understanding of residential investment’s agency, contract, and management aspects.

Architectural Inspiration

In addition to the technical aspects of real estate, Blake was also introduced to the artistic side of the industry. He was treated to a tour of some modern residential architecture on City Road, located just north of the City of London, immersing him in the aesthetic brilliance of contemporary design.

The Impact of the Experience

Reflecting on his time with us, Blake appreciated the friendly environment and the insight he gained into Brian’s work and the broader workings of a construction company. His experience only solidified his aspiration to become a property developer and establish his own company.

While his interests primarily lie in the residential real estate market, he expressed a newfound enthusiasm to delve deeper into the wider real estate market. He acknowledged the diverse avenues available to him should he choose to specialise, noting that his time at Jerram Falkus had broadened his perspective of potential career paths in real estate.

About Jerram Falkus

At Jerram Falkus, we believe in the value of early exposure and hands-on experience in shaping aspiring professionals. Blake’s enriching journey is a testament to this belief. As a company with a rich history and a vision for the future, we continue to provide platforms for ambitious individuals like Blake to explore, learn, and realise their potential in the real estate and construction industry.

We look forward to seeing where Blake’s career path leads him and how his time at Jerram Falkus will have contributed to his success. Get in touch with us to learn more about our projects.