Modular Housing Construction – Everything You Need to Know

Several requirements need to be fulfilled before starting a construction project, for example, finding the site, designing the plan, planning approval, choosing a reputable construction company, etc. However, the fact that the construction industry has been undergoing a paradigm shift in recent years has opened the doors for another important consideration: the construction method to choose. Should you choose the more conventional traditional housing construction approach or, the more innovative modular housing construction method?

Modular housing construction has been building momentum in recent years and has become the primary option for an increasing number of builders. We aim to deconstruct this method in this blog to help you choose the more favourable option.

What is Modular Construction?

This method involves the construction of individual sections (known as modules) in an off-site manufacturing factory and under controlled conditions before they are assembled at the construction site. This technique requires the modules to fit perfectly with each other resulting in higher quality and durable outcomes.

The modules are then transported to the construction site and assembled by professional technicians. This method not only reduces labour costs but also saves time as it requires a lesser number of skilled workers at the construction site.

Common Modular Housing Construction Myths

As one would expect, there are a couple of misconceptions surrounding the modular housing construction technique. We will debunk a few of the most popular myths below:

Myth 1: It is not structurally viable

Fact: Modular or prefabricated buildings are made to meet the same standards as traditionally built structures. Structural inspections are carried out on the off-site facilities and on the assembly site to ascertain the structural integrity of the building.

Myth 2: The buildings are only temporary

Fact: The modular construction method can be used to build both temporary and permanent buildings. The modules are constructed to meet the same standards as traditional construction and can last for decades.

Myth 3: It doesn’t meet aesthetic demands

Fact: Modular buildings are not just made to meet functional and structural requirements, they are also made to be aesthetically pleasing. What’s more, prefabricated buildings can be customised to meet your specifications.

Why Choose the Modular Housing Construction Method

  1. To save time

One of the main benefits of modular construction is efficiency. A modular home can be built in half the time typically required for a site-built home. How is this possible? This method allows the construction of modules in the off-site facility to go on simultaneously with the on-site work. Weather delays are also avoided since modules are fabricated in a controlled environment.

  1. To minimise the overall cost

This method is not just efficient, it is also cost-effective. There is less risk for cost overruns since you will be able to avoid damages to materials and delays caused by the weather. The fact that modular homes benefit from a reduced construction time also means that you can enjoy reduced interest on construction financing and/or seeing sooner returns on your property. Lastly, modular construction is generally cheaper than the traditional option.

  1. To enjoy a better quality

The fact that modules need to be transported from the off-site facility to the construction site means they need to be fabricated using high-quality materials to prevent damages on the way and also to withstand being craned onto the on-site foundation. The end result is a more durable structure.

  1. To lower environmental impact

Consumers aren’t the only ones to benefit from modular construction, the environment does too as it involves less waste and the use of eco-friendly and recycled materials. This is, therefore, a greener option when compared to its more conventional counterpart.

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