What Is Part O and How Is It Affecting Residential Construction Companies?

Only just last month, the government approved Part O—a building regulation requiring residential construction companies to design and construct buildings that limit unwanted solar gain during the summer months—something we’re all probably wishing was introduced before our homes were built!

The Impact of Part O on Residential Construction Companies

Part O affects both new builds and existing buildings. Residential construction companies must now design buildings that have adequate means of removing excess heat from indoor spaces while ensuring the building’s occupants remain comfortable. To meet these requirements, thousands of new buildings are being designed to meet the Passivhaus Standard, one of the world’s leading energy efficiency standards.

Passivhaus Standards in Residential Construction

‘The Passivhaus Standard is a proven method of achieving energy-efficient homes, dramatically reducing energy use while ensuring high comfort and health standards for occupants. Jerram Falkus is a market leader in this area, with a strong portfolio of projects incorporating the new Part O regulation.

Our completed projects, like St Benedict’s School New Ark and Cannock Mill Co-Housing, have achieved full Passivhaus certification. Our current projects, including Melfield Gardens, Landseer Avenue, David Street, and Anne Street, are all working towards the Passivhaus Standard.

Learn more by checking out our Low Energy and Passivhaus Construction Brochure here.

The Construction Industry’s Responsibility in Reducing Carbon Emissions

Buildings account for 35% of total global energy consumption, significantly contributing to carbon emissions. The construction industry must continue to step up and work together to reduce this figure to create a better future for all.

Adapting to the New Regulation

Part O is a game-changer for the residential construction industry, requiring companies to adapt their designs to meet energy efficiency standards. Jerram Falkus is at the forefront of this change, offering solutions that meet the Passivhaus Standard while delivering high-quality homes that are comfortable and healthy for occupants. Get in touch to learn more about our low-energy and Passivhaus construction expertise.