Sustainable Building Companies Respond to “Code Red” Warning

Sustainable building companies are encouraged to collaborate effectively with other stakeholders to mitigate the effects of global warming more rapidly in response to the IPCC’s (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) latest report. 

The IPCC has published its most recent report on climate change, stating that human activity has been the predominant driver of the rising global temperature that has led to accelerated sea-level rise, loss of sea ice, more intense heat waves, floods, droughts, etc. The head of the UN has described this as a “code red for humanity,” a call to action and challenge for all governments and businesses to take serious measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

According to the report, the average global temperature could be 1.5°C  higher by 2040 when compared to pre-industrial levels. However, it could happen sooner if we fail to strengthen our global response by implementing sustainable practices.

The construction sector is aware of the urgency to build more sturdy sustainability foundations. It has a huge role in mitigating the effects of climate change, considering that it accounts for around 40 percent of man-made global carbon emissions.

So, how can sustainable building companies reduce their carbon footprint?

Construction companies will need to create a clear pathway to deliver real change and achieve the UK’s ambitious net-zero target. For example, contractors can reduce the carbon impact of construction processes by working with more sustainable construction materials, sourcing materials locally where possible, recycling and reusing materials, and using modern methods of construction (MMC) like modular construction.

More sustainable building companies could adopt modular construction to respond to the “code red” warning because it can significantly lower the demand for energy and raw materials.

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