UK Construction Firms Prepare for New Natural History Museum Campus in Oxford!

UK construction firms and museum specialists are in anticipation of a new tender opportunity for the Natural History Museum. The Museum has revealed works will commence in 2023 on its new £182m building in Oxfordshire. The museum also announced that it would relocate about a third of its overall collection- 27million specimens- to the new science and digitisation centre.

We are in a race against time to find data-backed solutions to fight the increasing threat of climate change and biodiversity loss. Museums are unique buildings that house and preserve several specimens. A new state-of-the-art research and digitisation centre like this will contribute to nature data analysis and measure global change to enact future policies.

The new building will help accelerate the museum’s digitisation programme and allow their scientists to collaborate with existing and new partners through innovative technologies like artificial intelligence, imaging, and genomic analysis.

The new Oxford building will span the size of approximately four football pitches, and it will house a vast collection of mammals, non-insect invertebrates, ocean bottom sediments, and molecular collections.

All of the collections contain a wealth of information on the natural world that scientists and other stakeholders can use to assess changes and make accurate forecasts.

Through this investment, the UK government recognises the vital role of the museum’s global collections, research and digitisation in tackling the planetary threats that we are facing. The new digitised centre is set to open its doors in 2026, bringing forth a novel approach to collections-based science and global collaboration.

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