Will London Contracting Companies Build Fewer Skyscrapers after Covid-19

In the years leading up to the pandemic, London contracting companies had overseen the rise of tall buildings in the financial hub’s skyline due to the growing population and intensifying urbanisation. But with changing work patterns and many embracing remote work, will skyscrapers still go up after Covid-19?

Skyscrapers are vastly considered a reliable indicator of a city’s economic might, and they also play a fundamental role in the construction sector. While London has been lagging behind other global financial hubs like New York or Hong Kong regarding the number of tall buildings, it has experienced a skyscraper boom in recent years.

Although it had previously resisted a push skywards, more and more London contracting companies have received the green light from local authorities in the last 15 years to provide more office space for its dynamic workforce and international investors. While the demand for these tall commercial buildings has been steady during this time, there are now fears that the pandemic has put this cash cow at risk.

The restrictions set in place to curb the spread of the virus led to a steep rise in empty offices and vacant shops as a large proportion of the UK’s workforce had to carry out their daily operations remotely. There was also an increase in the demand for industrial spaces, like warehouses, as consumer behaviours shifted towards online shopping. Even though the UK is rapidly rolling out vaccines and restrictions are gradually lifted, the change in work patterns and shopping habits seems permanent.

But London contracting companies are not putting on the brakes. Although the construction sector was on a brief pause at the start of the lockdown, planning permissions of new tall buildings are now on the top, with the majority being residential. What’s more, as the workforce is gradually embracing flexible working, contractors are rethinking the designs of these skyscrapers to meet post-pandemic needs instead of halting them altogether.

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