Celebrating a Champion: Tracey Harrison’s Individual Contribution to Company Training Success

London Region Construction Training Group (LRCTG) 2022 Training Awards

The heart of any successful business, especially in the construction industry, is its dedicated workforce. At Jerram Falkus, we have always prioritised employee development and training, acknowledging that our team is our strongest asset. Our commitment to this endeavour was recently recognised when our Business Support Officer, Tracey Harrison, won the 2022 London Region Construction Training Group (LRCTG) Training Awards for Individual Contribution to Company Training Success.

The Prestigious LRCTG 2022 Training Awards

Hosted at the historical Pewterers’ Hall in Barbican, London, the LRCTG Training Awards marked their 7th year by celebrating the achievements of staff members and apprentices among the Group’s membership. LRCTG is a powerful source of inspiration that motivates and empowers individuals to pursue their goals with determination and enthusiasm. The awards, thus, recognises companies and individuals that exemplify these standards.

At Jerram Falkus, we couldn’t be more thrilled that our own Tracey Harrison became a recipient of such an esteemed award, highlighting her consistent and invaluable contribution to our company’s training success.

An Asset to Jerram Falkus

Tracey’s efficient, proactive, and committed work ethic didn’t go unnoticed. The judges highly commended her unyielding sleeves-rolled-up approach, showing her to be an invaluable asset to Jerram Falkus. Thanks to such dedication, we can maintain our competitive edge in the fast-paced, ever-evolving landscape of the construction industry.

Ensuring Training Excellence and Development

From the moment a new starter joins our ranks, Tracey ensures they are welcomed into the fold, and their training needs are swiftly identified. She keeps meticulous records of each employee’s training certificates, discerning any skill gaps that must be addressed.

Her role extends beyond identifying training needs; she also sources appropriate courses, ensuring their accessibility to each staff member. Tracey diligently secures grant funding for staff training and development, tapping into resources like the CITB and other government bodies. Whether securing training from SSSTS, organising CSCS cards, or arranging training for office programmes such as Excel, Autodesk, and BIM, Tracey is always one step ahead.

Beyond the traditional training boundaries, Tracey also manages specialised construction-related training, including scaffolding, asbestos handling, temporary works, and confined spaces. Acknowledging the diversity of our workforce, she has been pivotal in organising equality and diversity training.

A Champion for Mental Health

We’re not ignorant of the mental health crisis that the construction industry, as a whole, is facing. Tracey has been instrumental in ensuring this issue is addressed head-on within Jerram Falkus, offering relevant and current mental health training for staff members across the business. It’s an initiative we’re proud to support, marking our commitment to the holistic well-being of our team.

Consistent Skill Refinement

With her eagle eye on the constant evolution of the construction industry, Tracey ensures that all our employees’ skills remain sharp and up-to-date. Her tracking system for qualification expiry dates guarantees that refresher training is scheduled promptly, ensuring no one is left behind in this race of continuous learning.

Tracey’s Impact: By The Numbers

In her tenure with us, Tracey has successfully onboarded 75 directly employed staff, two graduates, and is about to onboard three apprentices who are set to join us in autumn. Her tireless efforts have ensured 24 members received First Aid training last year, with another 21 booked in for the coming year.

Similarly, she has enabled 15 team members to undertake mental health training, with seven more booked. Tracey has also organised a whopping 91 construction-specific training sessions.

Towards a Collaborative Construction Industry

As an active member of the LRCTG, Tracey champions the virtues of collaboration and information sharing, believing it to be in the best interests of the construction industry as a whole. She keeps abreast of current trends and legislative changes, ensuring our training approach is ever-relevant.

Every company needs a Tracey – a dedicated individual committed to training excellence and employee development. Jerram Falkus are fortunate to have her.

In closing, we want to congratulate Tracey for this well-deserved recognition. Her triumph is a testament to our belief in continuous learning and growth, cementing our position as an industry leader that values and invests in its people.