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House Building Contractors to Follow “MMC” Plan


Considering England’s growing demand for sustainable housing, and as part of the Government’s goal to increase construction productivity, Homes England (the Government’s housing agency) has commissioned research into Modern Methods of Construction (MMC). This programme is set to collect …

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Building Companies in London and the “Small Builders” Initiative


London needs more affordable homes, but with large development companies in London focusing on regeneration projects, or large-scale developments dominating the house building sector, many small and medium-sized developers and house builders are on the decline mainly due to limited …

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School Contractors Rethink Design After Covid-19


School contractors are adapting to changed circumstances. As has been the case for other industries, the education sector was not spared from the dreadful effects of Covid-19. School children across the country were not allowed to physically attend school to …

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Can Modular Building Companies Help NHS Capacity Issues?


Modular building companies have become increasingly important. The Covid-19 pandemic has had enormous repercussions for the world, as we know. It is impacting every sector, and we are obliged to adapt to this change. The pandemic placed the National Health …

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Is it time for Building Companies to Retrofit?


With the effects of climate change becoming more severe, this has accelerated the need for homeowners across the UK to rely on building companies to help deliver retrofit projects in an attempt to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by making existing …

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Residential Contractors Recognise Benefits of Cohousing


Are Cohousing Communities a Solution to Overcome Isolation and Loneliness?

Social isolation and loneliness have been a hot topic in recent years, and are increasingly being recognised as public health concerns. The impact of loneliness on health has been likened …

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Residential construction companies see growth in Build to Rent market


Though the COVID-19 pandemic has caused major disruptions in the building industry as a whole, residential construction companies in the UK were kept busy as evidenced by the strong growth of the build-to-rent housing supply.

The numbers revealed from research …

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Are Sustainable Construction Companies the future?


With the growing population, the earth and its resources need sustainability. That is, by avoiding the depletion of natural resources to maintain ecological balance. Due to this, the government encourages sustainable construction companies to rebuild the economy with the ‘Building

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