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1837 - 1901

HRH Queen Victoria’s Reign

HRH Queen Victoria’s Reign


The construction company is founded by James William Jerram and acquires premises known as the “Crown Works” in Boundary Road, East Ham.

1901 - 1910

HRH Edward VII Reign

HRH Edward VII Reign


Opening of Manor Park Library constructed by James W Jerram.

Opening of Manor Park Library

1910 - 1936

HRH George V Reign

HRH George V Reign

1914 - 1918

First World War

First World War


James W. Jerram’s son Herbert Eugene Jerram takes over the family business. Under his direction, the company is responsible for building many Schools and homes in London and Essex.


Falkus Brothers’ Limited founded and operated from Folgate Street in the City of London.


“Homes fit for Heroes” The 1919 Act made a significant step towards housing provision following the First World War. Housing became a national responsibility and local authorities were given the task of developing new housing and rented accommodation much needed for working people.

1934 -1939

180 houses built at the Triangle Site in Beckton for the London Borough of West Ham.


William James Jerram took over the business from his father Herbert Eugene Jerram and the company expanded under his leadership. 1939

1936 - 1952

HRH George VI Reign

HRH George VI Reign

1939 - 1945

Second World War

Second World War

1939 -1945

William James Jerram became Local Organiser of the war damage first aid repairs, under Minister of Works for East Ham. East Ham suffered severely like many areas of London from enemy bombing raids. The company lost many of its operatives when a direct hit destroyed The White House Inn in the High Street North.


County Borough of East Ham - official opening of three houses constructed by W J Jerram Ltd Apprentices, under the East Ham Corporation Housing Apprentice Master Scheme. Following the war, William James Jerram resolved to dedicate his company to the rebuilding of London. The company played a major part in the construction of new buildings including; houses, schools, hostels, hospitals factories and offices in London and the Home Counties over three decades since the end of the war.

W J Jerram Ltd


London Borough of West Ham - Stephens Road (30 Dwellings) built 1951, Church Street (38 Dwellings) built 1958, Leabon Street (363 dwellings) with two 11 storey and three 8 storey blocks and West Ham Church School.

London Borough of West Ham- 1951


HRH Queen Elizabeth II Coronation

HRH Queen Elizabeth II Coronation


Housing Minister Harold Macmillan fulfilled his pledge to build 300,000 houses per year and achieved his target a year ahead of schedule.


William J Jerram Ltd constructed many health care projects such as; Twin Operating Theatres, Chest Clinic, new Laundry and Hospice for Whipps Cross Hospital , Leytonstone. Other projects include; Moorfields Health Centre and Day Nursery in Enfield, East Ham Medical Centre, New Nurses Accommodation at East Ham Memorial Hospital 1992


England Football Team win the World Cup.

England Football Team win the World Cup.


W J Jerram Ltd construct the Blackwall Tunnel Ventilation Buildings, one situated at each end of the tunnel and also the administration building attached to the North entrance.

Blackwall Tunnel Ventilation Buildings


Falkus Brothers’ Limited becomes Falkus Construction Limited.

1973 - 1975

Greater London Council (GLC) Ferry Lane, Haringey. W J Jerram Ltd were awarded the contract to build a total of 719 homes. The project was completed in two phases on the site of the former Lebus Furniture factory where Spitfires had once been built. The development is situated on the banks of the River Lea.

Greater London Council (GLC) Ferry Lane, Haringey


Health and Safety at Work etc. Act introduced.


Battishill Street, Islington - An infill development of 24 flats and maisonettes, with a small garden featuring carved panels salvaged from the old Hall of Commerce and given to the London Borough of Islington. The development was opened by Poet Laureate, Sir John Betjeman. A damaged panel in the courtyard was restored and features the profile of Jerram Falkus’ Site Manager Ron Nunn who worked on the project.

Battishill Street, Islington


Falkus Construction Ltd move from Folgate Street to Anning Street.


W J Jerram Ltd acquires Falkus Construction Ltd to become Jerram Falkus Construction Ltd. Both company’s Joinery resources are merged to form Falkus Joinery.


Housing Act - “The Right to Buy” introduced.


Robert Harvey Jerram and Michael James Jerram take over the family business as Joint Managing Directors. William James Jerram became Chairman.


Following the acquisition Jerram Falkus Construction establishes itself at Anning Street, Shoreditch Offices.

1989 - 1991

Jerram Falkus delivers a new college for Westminster Roman Catholic Diocese opened by the Archbishop of Westminster, Cardinal Basil Hume. The works included; construction of a Science and Administration building and Chapel, infrastructure works, relocation of existing school and refurbishment.

Westminster Roman Catholic Diocese- Jerram Falkus Ltd


World Wide Web is launched.


The Channel Tunnel opens linking London and Paris via Rail.


Broadwater Farm Community Centre project, Tottenham. Jerram Falkus delivers a new 7,100sqft hall with a galleried landing, catering facilities, changing rooms designed to accommodate a wide range of sports and social activities. 1989

Broadwater Farm Community Centre project

2004 - 2010

£55bn Building Schools for the Future (BSF) Scheme announced by Prime Minister Tony Blair with the plan to build and improve Schools in England creating inspirational flexible buildings to enhance the educational experience of students. 2008

2008 - 2012

Jerram Falkus signs its first Building Schools for the Future (BSF) contract. The company went on to deliver over 20 BSF projects in London Boroughs; Barking and Dagenham, Hackney and Newham.

new build developers


Jonathan Jerram and William Jerram (Sons of Robert Jerram) become Joint Managing Directors. Following the death of Robert Harvey Jerram in 2009, Michael James Jerram continued as MD until 2011 before taking up the position as company Chairman.


Jerram Falkus completes the multi-award winning £37.8m redevelopment of the eastern end of the Thames View Estate in Barking, providing 276 high quality affordable homes.

£37.8m redevelopment - Jerram Falkus


Completion of the prestigious Hintze Hall project for The Natural History Museum.

prestigious Hintze Hall project for The Natural History Museum


Jerram Falkus is awarded £27.9m flagship hotel project “Clerkenwell Road” comprising 211 guest rooms, front and back of house areas, residential shell and commercial office space.

£27.9m flagship hotel project “Clerkenwell Road”


The United Kingdom withdrew from the European Union on 31 January 2020.


On 11 March 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the COVID-19 outbreak a global pandemic. Nine months later, on 8th December 2020, the UK became the first country in the world to deploy an approved COVID-19 vaccine.


Jerram Falkus is awarded £52m design and build project Ark Soane. The combined education and residential development in Acton is being constructed for Countryside and the Department for Education.

Ark Soane


The UK hosted COP26 in Glasgow on 31 October – 13 November 2021. The summit brought parties together to accelerate action towards the goals of the Paris Agreement and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.


England win the 2022 UEFA Women’s European Cup.


In January, we completed on our infill scheme for the London Borough of Brent, Gloucester Close.


In March, Jerram Falkus hand over the new Science & Performing Arts Building for Putney High School


08 September 2022 - Passing of Queen Elizabeth II and Accession of HM King Charles III


In February we handed over our project at St John's & St James's Church which delivered 21 new homes in Haringey as well as a re-furbished and re-modelled church building.


06 May 2023 - Coronation of King Charles III and Queen Camilla


June 2023 saw the completion of our 49 new home scheme for the London Borough of Waltham Forest, 92 Leyton Green Road