Building Contractors Face New Building Safety Bill by The Government

The industry faces a new Building Safety Bill introduced on July 5th, 2021 as building regulations are set to reform in England and Wales.

The bill which is waiting to pass through the House of Commons and the House of Lords exists to give residents and homeowners of high-rise buildings more rights, power and protection.

Building owners and developers will be required to provide safety risks with clear lines of responsibility for safety during the design, construction, completion and occupation of the building. Building owners will need to demonstrate that they have effective, proportionate measures in place to manage safety risks.

Prior to the bill, homeowners were given 6 years to claim compensation for any substandard construction work, the bill now increases that number to 15 years and applies retrospectively.

In addition, the new bill indefinitely ensures residents in high-rise apartments will have more say in the management of the building. If they feel their concerns are being ignored, it will be escalated further with the Building Safety Regulator.

The Chair of the Independent Review of Building Regulations and Fire Safety Dame Judith Hackett stresses that “It is vital that we focus on getting the system right for the future and set new standards for building safety”.

These new protocols mark 4 years since the Grenfell Tower Fire, a national disaster that saw 72 fatalities and 12 years since the Lakanal House Fire, a similar but smaller-scale disaster taking the lives of 6. The new Bill is intended to create a clear, proportionate framework for the design, construction and management of safer, high-quality homes in the years to come.

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