Building Contractors Face New Building Safety Bill by The Government

In the construction industry, safety and quality are of paramount importance, and significant changes are in the pipeline that will bring them into sharper focus. On July 5th, 2021, the government introduced the Building Safety Bill, a comprehensive legislative move designed to reform the building regulations in England and Wales. This initiative marks a crucial turning point, placing residents and homeowners of high-rise buildings at the heart of its agenda.

Empowering High-Rise Residents: A Noteworthy Legal Reform

The primary aim of the Building Safety Bill, which is currently awaiting approval from the House of Commons and the House of Lords, is to empower residents and homeowners of high-rise buildings. By outlining clear responsibilities for safety during the building’s design, construction, and occupation, the bill aims to ensure that these homeowners have more rights, power, and protection.

Building owners and developers will be mandated to provide explicit insights into safety risks. This transparency will ensure clear lines of responsibility throughout the project lifecycle – from design and construction to completion and occupation. The onus will be on the building owners to demonstrate that they have implemented effective and proportionate measures to manage safety risks, further enhancing accountability within the industry.

Extending Compensation Claims: A Win for Homeowners

One significant change brought by the bill is the extension of the period allowed for homeowners to claim compensation for substandard construction work. Whereas the previous limit was six years, the bill now expands this to 15 years and applies retrospectively, giving homeowners a longer window to seek redress.

Greater Voice for Residents

Further, the new bill commits to amplifying the voice of residents in high-rise apartments regarding the management of the building. Residents’ concerns, if felt to be ignored, will now be escalated to the Building Safety Regulator, ensuring a proactive approach to address any issues raised.

Setting New Standards for Building Safety

Dame Judith Hackett, Chair of the Independent Review of Building Regulations and Fire Safety, stressed the importance of this bill, stating, “It is vital that we focus on getting the system right for the future and set new standards for building safety.” These new protocols mark four years since the Grenfell Tower Fire and 12 years after the Lakanal House Fire, national disasters that shook the construction industry and the nation as a whole.

Jerram Falkus: Building Safer, High-Quality Homes

The new Building Safety Bill’s ultimate objective is to establish a clear, proportionate framework for designing, constructing, and managing safer, high-quality homes. Jerram Falkus, an established family-run construction business with more than 135 years of experience building homes across London and the South East, is committed to upholding these new standards.

We have a strong reputation for meeting our client’s needs robustly with precision, detail, and quality. We don’t just build—we build to last. We are proud to support the changes outlined in the Building Safety Bill. We are committed to helping ensure that all new housing is constructed with the highest levels of safety and quality for our clients.

Choose Jerram Falkus for your next construction project and experience the superior standards we consistently deliver. Get in touch with us for more information.