What Is Commercial Construction?

Commercial buildings are a fundamental part of our modern society, providing the spaces where we work, shop, and conduct business. Commercial construction is an industry that involves designing, renovating and building structures on land reserved explicitly for commercial purposes. Commercial premises, typically funded by private and public entities, include warehouses, retail stores, parking lots, shopping malls, hotels, office buildings and medical centres. In addition, apartment complexes and other profit-generating buildings are also considered commercial structures, as their primary purpose is to generate revenue.

There are three main types of commercial construction, small-scale, medium-scale and large-scale.

Small-Scale Commercial Construction

These projects generally involve renovating and remodelling existing structures, such as changing the interior layout or installing new plumbing fixtures. Small-scale construction projects may also include the erection of small buildings such as treehouses, sheds, or garages.

Medium-Scale Commercial Construction

Medium-scale commercial construction includes water parks, small businesses, shopping malls and retail stores such as our own project, The Palms Retail Space—a new build structure providing African-Caribbean hairstyling and beauty services. Located in Peckham, arguably the heart of South East London, The Palms is part of an ongoing regeneration project of the Peckham Rye Station area. Much of the building’s vibrant and distinctively colourful design draws inspiration from Peckham’s diverse cultural heritage.


Finally, large-scale commercial construction includes office buildings, hospitals, skyscrapers and hotels. In fact, Jerram Falkus previously worked on a hotel project for Yotel London. Founded in 2007 with an emphasis on having a “modern hotel experience”, Yotel have several branches worldwide in global cities, namely Singapore, New York, Dubai, Istanbul and Paris. Yotel London, a former petrol station, is an 8-storey building plus a double basement level hosting 212 guest rooms, five self-contained residential units, 93 sqm of office/workshop space and 250sqm of flexible commercial space.

Commercial construction is a complex and highly regulated process, with many codes and regulations to follow when undertaking a building project. It is essential to have experienced professionals who have the necessary qualifications and understand the need for quick turnaround times, cost-effectiveness, and top-notch safety when constructing a commercial structure.

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