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Combining Housing and Education Construction


Jerram Falkus Construction is delighted to have signed a deal with Countryside and the Department for Education to deliver a £52m mixed-use housing and education construction project called Ark Soane in the heart of Acton.

This mixed-use multi-million-pound project …

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How Construction Businesses Can Benefit From Digital Optimisation and Collaborative Planning


Construction businesses have been quicker to adopt digital solutions from the COVID-19 pandemic. The crisis has been a wake-up call in the construction sector, with many contractors going digital and embracing new ways to deliver projects.

But more needs to …

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Construction Companies Turn Sustainable with Net Zero Carbon Targets


Construction companies are encouraged to be more sustainable by the government who are pushing efforts towards net-zero carbon targets. Net-zero refers to the balance between the amount of greenhouse gas produced and the amount removed from the atmosphere. Construction …

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How Can Contractors in the UK Evolve From the Pandemic’s Digital Revolution?


Contractors in the UK have been undergoing a digital revolution recently, partly due to the dire effects of Covid-19 on society. Although digitilisation was already underway prior to the pandemic, the challenges it created significantly accelerated this trend.

It is …

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Building Contractors in London Look to Turn Offices into Housing


Building Contractors in London are working on turning empty offices into homes. Why? Due to Covid-19, offices in Central London were left deserted as workers stayed at home, according to the government guidance, in a bid to reduce the risk …

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Major project secured – Ark Soane, Acton


Jerram Falkus Construction is delighted to announce that we have secured a contract with Countryside and the Department for Education, to deliver a £52m design and build project, constructing a combined education and residential development in Acton. LocatED Property Ltd, …

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Will London Contracting Companies Build Fewer Skyscrapers after Covid-19


In the years leading up to the pandemic, London contracting companies had overseen the rise of tall buildings in the financial hub’s skyline due to the growing population and intensifying urbanisation. But with changing work patterns and many embracing remote …

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UK Contractors See the Strongest Growth in the Industry in Six Years


UK contractors have signalled the most substantial increase in output across all monitored sub-sectors in the last six years. This is predominantly due to the fastest rise in overall new orders during this period. The latest reading from …

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