Our 140th Year

The start of 2024 marks a significant milestone for Jerram Falkus. This year, we celebrate 140 years of delivering quality construction projects across London and the South East.

Jerram Falkus Construction Limited is part of the Jerram Falkus Group whose origins lie with two companies: William J Jerram Limited and Falkus Construction Limited.

Humble Beginnings and Steady Progress

It all began in 1884, when James William Jerram founded the company. Over the years the company’s growth was steady, with an emphasis on quality rather than quantity. This ethos continues to this day.

Jerram Falkus building in 1884

Throughout its trading history, William J Jerram’s activities dealt with the varied needs of the community. A great variety of works were carried out but with a particular involvement in public sector new build construction.

The company’s already-established expertise would prove vital during the 1940s. During World War II, the company was responsible for emergency works and repairs in East Ham and West Ham. This included working on dangerous bombed and fire-damaged locations including housing and public buildings. William James Jerram and his team were often called out in the middle of the night following Luftwaffe strikes.

After the war, the company was contracted to rebuild much of war-exhausted and dilapidated London. This includes some of the 1950s and 1960s council housing estates and schools that still exist today.

So where does the Falkus come from?

Falkus Construction Limited was founded in 1919 as joinery contractors based in Folgate Street, E1. The company, whilst carrying out works further afield, concentrated most of its business within the City of London.

Fast forward through the Nifty Fifties and the Swinging Sixties to 1977 when both Jerram and Falkus Construction merged. The firm moved into Anning Street and in 1980, became Jerram Falkus Construction.

A group of Jerram Falkus construction workers


The spectrum of work we have carried out embraces both old and new build, refurbishment of commercial, industrial, residential, educational, healthcare and other public building sectors buildings.

Given the busy and dynamic nature of the city we serve, our projects have often been carried out in occupied environments and, as urbanists, we have become experts in delivering on highly constrained sites

2024 and Beyond

Today the group is a soundly based multi-faceted organisation offering a sound and well-organised construction ability to form any building.



Whether it’s the application of innovation in a building process or innovation in terms of value engineering and cost efficiencies, we are at the forefront of idea generation and innovation. This creativity and innovation are founded on a wide interest in the built environment, its processes, and its new and emerging methods of problem identification resolution and building design.

We have embraced modern methods of construction (MMC) and have been one of the most active contracting companies using cross laminated timber (CLT) across education, residential and commercial projects.

Our commitment to Net Zero Carbon and sustainable design and construction is demonstrated by the number of low-energy and Passivhaus projects we have completed or are currently undertaking.

So, here’s to our 140th year and to the many, many more to come.