Breaking the Bias for Women in Construction: Charlotte Craven’s Journey

In the traditionally male-dominated construction industry, women have made considerable strides over the past decade. With increasing diversity and representation, the construction sector continues to evolve, becoming a more inclusive environment where everyone, regardless of gender, can thrive.

At Jerram Falkus, we acknowledge that there is still much to be done. We are under no illusion about the gender imbalance within the sector, yet we remain steadfastly committed to making positive changes to encourage more women into construction.

Today, we turn the spotlight on Charlotte Craven, an embodiment of tenacity and ambition, who is fervently ‘breaking the bias’. Her journey serves as an inspiration for all women seeking to make their mark in the field of construction.

Getting to Know Charlotte

Charlotte Craven, an indomitable spirit hailing from Barking, has recently joined the ranks of Jerram Falkus on one of our major construction projects for the London Borough of Barking & Dagenham. A testament to the strong, capable women making their mark in the construction industry, Charlotte brings with her a rich set of skills and unyielding determination.

Her journey is rooted in the heart of Barking, as a former pupil of Jo Richardson School and Barking & Dagenham College. Over the years, she gained professional experience in various customer service roles within the borough while nurturing her ambition to work in the construction industry.

Gaining Her Footing in the Industry

Charlotte embarked on her construction career path by completing an extensive bricklaying course. This rigorous programme not only equipped her with a valuable skill set but also resulted in her earning her CSCS card – a significant stepping stone in the construction world. However, finding employment with a bricklaying company proved more challenging than expected.

Undeterred by the hurdles, Charlotte sought guidance from the borough’s construction job shop. This support network provided her with valuable advice and sponsored funded training to become a slinger/signaller via the job shop’s training fund. These efforts and her persistent dedication opened the door to new opportunities.

From Site Labourer to Role Model

The site management team at our Roxwell Road project recognised Charlotte’s potential during an interview and promptly offered her an initial role as a site labourer. To further enrich her skills, they proposed that she undertake traffic marshal and banksman training, opening up additional responsibilities on site.

Charlotte carries with her a multitude of transferable skills, including independent thinking, effective team collaboration, confidence in meeting new people, and exceptional communication abilities. These

qualities have proven essential in her journey within the construction industry, enabling her to shine amidst the unique challenges of a construction site.

She appreciates the many advantages of working for a family-run company like Jerram Falkus. The flexible training and numerous opportunities to learn her trade through hands-on experience have played an instrumental role in her professional growth. Charlotte remains determined to “break the bias” by proving that women can, and indeed do, excel in physically demanding roles within the construction sector.

Words of Wisdom

Charlotte encourages those interested in the construction industry to keep an open mind when exploring career pathways, and to thoroughly research the qualifications and roles available. “As there are so many routes into the industry, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and give up. Don’t! It’s worth taking the time to explore your options, as it can lead to ultimately pursuing a career that you will never get tired of.”

Her journey serves as a shining example for women looking to enter the construction sector, showcasing the potential and promise this industry holds for those willing to persevere and make the most of every opportunity.

About Jerram Falkus

We are proud to have Charlotte Craven on our team. Her story is a testament to the possibilities that open up when biases are broken, and doors are opened for everyone, regardless of gender, to contribute their talents to the construction industry. As a company with a rich heritage, we’re committed to fostering an inclusive work environment where all team members can thrive. We can’t wait to see what Charlotte, and other determined individuals like her, will achieve next.