Contractors in the UK Face Continued Materials Shortage

Contractors in the UK have their hands full with unprecedented demand for construction projects echoing throughout the nation and with the industry spearheading an economic recovery following several months of lockdown.

However, the increased appetite for construction, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on construction materials, and Brexit have significantly outstripped the supply of construction materials, putting contractors in the UK under pressure to deliver projects.

What is causing the shortage of construction materials?

The sustained increase in construction activity since the ease of lockdowns and other restrictions led to the surge in the use of raw materials, some of which were already scarce. The rising demand for large-scale infrastructural projects, new build houses, and the increase in home renovation DIY in the past year has been the primary cause of the shortage in construction materials.

Brexit has also contributed to this shortage. Although the UK government had earlier agreed to a trade deal to ensure the continuous importation of construction materials, the time and additional costs required to fill out custom and due diligence paperwork have added more strain to already tight supply chains.

Specific raw materials like timber have also experienced a decline in supply with a relatively warmer winter due to climate change affecting its production in some parts of the world.

Additionally, another COVID-19 outbreak in southern China has led to a considerable backlog of uncleared shipping containers causing shortages in electrical materials.

Bagged cement, steel, roof tiles, paints and sealants are also in short supply leading to inflated prices and delays in the delivery of projects.

The supply of construction materials has proven to be a significant challenge for contractors in the UK, with many having to delay work until the necessary supplies become available and affordable.

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