Jerram Falkus educates Ilford pupils on environmental awareness

Working in collaboration with Inspire, Jerram Falkus was fortunate enough to co-host an environmental awareness activity, which was delivered to 120 Year 2 pupils from Cleveland Primary School in Ilford. Inspire’s World of Work educational programme brings together business and educational activities to deliver an interactive and hands on approach to learning.

A talk on environmental pollution

The pupils were given a talk on environmental pollution by staff from Jerram Falkus and Insignia Building Services in South Park, Ilford. In the park the children learned about sources of pollution that the construction industry is affected by, such as dust and noise. They were also educated on the steps that are taken by contractors to minimise the impact of our works on the environment. The talk further taught the children about the damaging effects that litter has on the natural environment and wildlife, and how we can keep our water safe from contamination.

The pupils had the opportunity to try on PPE and learned how this can protect industry professionals from exposure to pollutants on building sites. They also explored areas of the park that have been built by utilising recycled and upcycled materials.

Further learning

Inspire provided worksheets for the pupils to fill in and keep, in order for them to continue their learning upon returning back to school.