National Apprenticeship Week: Josh Hanmore, Apprentice Electrician

National Apprenticeship Week presents an opportunity to showcase the transformative power of apprenticeships in shaping the future of young professionals. A prime example of this is evident in the journey of Josh Hanmore, an up-and-coming apprentice electrician.

The Early Stages of Josh’s Apprenticeship Journey

Josh is currently studying towards his NVQ Level 3. His journey has seen him join us on a construction project for our esteemed client, the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. This has given him invaluable experience, thrusting him into the heart of the construction industry at an exciting time.

He completed his NVQ Level 2 and Level 3 electrical installations studies at New City College in Tower Hamlets. It was here that he first grasped the fundamental theories and practical skills of electrical installations.

Joining the Jerram Falkus Team

Following his studies, Harveys, our appointed electrical contractors, recognised Josh’s potential and welcomed him on board as an apprentice. He is now part of the team working at Shetland Road, a Jerram Falkus construction site in East London. Here, under the supportive guidance of Harveys, Josh is striving towards completing his full electrical qualifications.

The Life of an Apprentice Electrician

A typical day for Josh involves working on various electrical installation tasks in the new build site. These tasks often include installing trunking and conduit systems – an integral part of any modern building’s electrical infrastructure. Josh is continually seeking ways to extend and improve his knowledge, driven by his determination to become a fully qualified electrician.

His enthusiasm for his chosen career path is palpable, as he enjoys the daily challenges that the construction site presents. He revels in the satisfaction that comes from completing tasks and takes pride in his work. According to Josh, the experience he gains on-site is an invaluable supplement to his studies.

The Skills Developed During an Apprenticeship

One crucial aspect of Josh’s work is the need for teamwork and communication. As an apprentice electrician, he works alongside other trades each day. Following instructions, procedures, and processes is also crucial in his role. Over time, Josh has become increasingly aware of the personal skills he’s developing – skills that are not only valuable in his current position but will also be beneficial throughout his career.

As Josh balances his apprenticeship with his on-site experience, he is pleased to earn while learning. However, he eagerly looks forward to the day he earns a qualified electrician’s salary. Josh’s love for working with Harveys shines through in his hope that they will retain him once he has qualified.

Josh’s Advocacy for Apprenticeships

Josh is a firm advocate for the apprenticeship path. He encourages others to consider apprenticeships, citing his own positive experience as proof of their value. The blend of hands-on experience with structured learning has not only allowed him to learn and earn simultaneously but also helped him develop industry-specific skills and knowledge.

Fostering Talent Development at Jerram Falkus

At Jerram Falkus, a family-run construction company with a heritage spanning over 138 years, we take immense pride in being part of the journeys of young apprentices like Josh. We understand the importance of apprenticeships in the construction industry, and we’re committed to supporting the next generation of skilled workers. Get in touch with us to learn about our projects.