NHM’s thank you from Sir Michael Dixon

NHM Hintze Hall thank you

Following the successful completion of one of our most prestigious building refurbishment projects, the Natural History Museum ‘Hintze Hall’ and the accompanying media coverage we are pleased to receive a letter of thanks from NHM Director Sir Michael Dixon.

At times of celebration on projects of this magnitude the efforts of the site team be they senior management or our supply chain partners can at times get overlooked.

We thank Sir Michael Dixon and the wider client team for acknowledging our efforts in delivering this flagship project.

The building project involved the refurbishment and restoration of the Grade I listed Hintze Hall. The works were undertaken in three phases, including some night time works to minimise disruption.

The last phase included the provision of new structural support to accommodate a new Blue Whale centrepiece which will dive through the hall, in place of the Diplodocus skeleton cast, affectionately known as “Dippy the Dinosaur”.

The successful completion and handover of the Hintze Hall adds significant value to our pursuit of heritage and historic building projects and we look forward to further opportunities in this sector.

We wish to take this opportunity to also thank our project team and particularly the site team for their effort in the successful delivery of this high profile project. Click here for the letter.

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