Future Trends for Hotel Building Companies to Consider

To be successful in a highly competitive and fast-paced industry like hospitality means keeping an eye on future trends because consumer demands are constantly changing. Although the industry has paused in the past year due to Covid-19, it will be back soon and more popular than ever. This is why hotel building companies and other industry partners need to consider the emerging trends powered by new consumer behaviour and technology with the potential to shape the future of the hotel and leisure sector.

Tech explosion

Technology will certainly play a major role in the future of hotels. The majority of hoteliers, tourists, travellers and hotel guests today already rely heavily on their smartphones and computers, and this trend is expected to continue.

2020 also saw a massive shift towards digital and contactless services with the more widespread use of technology-assisted options like contactless payments, mobile check-in, voice control and biometrics. IoT, augmented reality and artificial intelligence technology is also used to provide hotel guests with on-demand information and improve their overall experience.

Personalisation and Sustainability

More and more hotel guests are expecting to have their individual needs met as opposed to being treated like anonymous customers. The need for personalisation in hotels has been seeing an upwards trend partly due to the rise of big data and cloud-based solutions. These tools provide insight into guests’ buying habits and other needs, thereby allowing hotels to personalise their offers and services.

Another important trend which hotel building companies need to consider is sustainability. In a general sense, consumers are increasingly becoming concerned with environmental issues. This shifting attitude has affected how travellers choose their hotels. Building companies, therefore, need to adopt eco-friendly construction methods that promote energy saving and the management of waste products.

A shift towards Modular Construction

Modular construction has been building momentum in recent years and it is now backed to go mainstream. With advancements in technology and improved offsite manufacturing techniques, modular construction now offers hotel building companies, hoteliers and guests a level of quality assurance and sustainability not observed in other conventional construction methods.

There are many compelling reasons for more hospitality brands to consider modular construction, some of which are: to lower environmental impact, to lower overall cost of construction, enjoy a higher degree of quality control and save time.

Jerram Falkus- A Forward-Thinking Building Company

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Our forward-thinking approach has helped us to gain experience and expertise in the benefits of modular construction and building to Passivhaus standards. We believe there is a better way to build your next hotel. Get in touch with us for more information.