National Apprenticeship Week: Peter Bowtell, Associate Director

As we celebrate National Apprenticeship Week, Jerram Falkus, an established construction firm with a long-standing tradition of nurturing talent, is proud to shine a spotlight on the benefits of apprenticeships. Not just an entrance into the working world, apprenticeships provide individuals with lifelong skills that can help shape rewarding careers.

At Jerram Falkus, we’ve seen firsthand how apprenticeships can propel individuals from entry-level positions to senior management roles within our organisation. We are eager to share some of these success stories in the hope they may inspire and educate those considering this pathway into professional work.

The Early Days: Peter Bowtell’s Entry into Carpentry

Kicking off our series is our esteemed Associate Director, Peter Bowtell. Peter’s journey with Jerram Falkus began in 1976 as a Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) apprentice, studying carpentry and joinery at Hackney College.

At the time, apprenticeship training was structured as work placements combined with block study days at college. Seeking to gain practical experience alongside his academic studies, Peter applied to three companies, and was fortunate to be offered an apprentice position with Falkus Construction Limited, situated in Liverpool Street.

During his three-year apprenticeship, Peter earned a weekly wage of £19.52. Despite the modest income, Peter’s dedication to his craft was unyielding. “I used to have to borrow money from my mum, as I couldn’t make the wages stretch the whole week. It’s probably similar for the apprentices today, too,” Peter shared.

Rising Through the Ranks

Peter’s tenacity and work ethic paid off as he climbed the ranks within the company, first becoming a Carpenter Foreman and then a Finishing Foreman. In the early 1980s, Falkus Construction Ltd merged with W J Jerram Ltd, birthing what is known today as Jerram Falkus Construction Ltd.

It was around this time that Peter undertook his site management training. He demonstrated great skill and leadership, earning promotions from Site Manager to Project Manager, and ultimately to Contracts Manager. Since 2016, Peter has proudly held the role of Associate Director, a testament to his hard work and dedication.

The Long-Term Rewards of an Apprenticeship

Reflecting on his career, Peter said, “I have been very fortunate with my career. I went to a good college which taught me the foundations to embark upon a rewarding career. Jerram Falkus are a great company to work for – they have been very supportive over the years. Every day I learn something new and face new challenges. I have worked with some great people and made many friends. I’m extremely blessed to have had such a long and meaningful career.”

Peter’s journey is a powerful demonstration of the potential an apprenticeship holds. From humble beginnings as a young apprentice carpenter, he has developed an enviable career, working his way up to the position of Associate Director at one of London’s most respected construction firms. His story embodies the ethos of National Apprenticeship Week, underscoring the long-term rewards an apprenticeship can offer.

The Power of Apprenticeships at Jerram Falkus

As a family-run construction company, Jerram Falkus is proud to have been a part of Peter’s journey and many others like him. With a heritage spanning over 138 years, we continue to offer apprenticeships, valuing them as an instrumental pathway to long-term success within the construction industry. We champion apprenticeships as they not only provide hands-on experience but also instil vital life skills that equip individuals for prosperous careers. Get in touch with us to learn more about our projects.