Nurturing Aspirations: Langdon Academy Students Dive into the Construction Industry with Jerram Falkus

At Jerram Falkus, we take great pride in our responsibility as mentors of future talent in the construction industry. As part of the fulfilment of our social commitment under S106 delivery to the London Borough of Newham, we recently hosted two diligent students from Langdon Academy. This exciting week was not merely about shadowing professionals but was a chance to truly engage with our industry.

Firsthand Exposure: The Cornerstone of Learning

The most effective way to understand the industry’s depth and breadth is through direct exposure to various stages of construction. To that end, we organised visits to two of our distinctive projects for our young guests.

Our first stop was the completed Jerram Developments project on Cremer Street, located next to the celebrated Museum of the Home in Hoxton. This project involved the refurbishment of the historical Marquis of Lansdown public house and the construction of an adjoining four-storey building. We aimed to show the students how we blend respect for heritage with cutting-edge design.

The students also visited our ongoing Shetland Road project in Bow, East London, a live construction site aiming to provide 19 new build low-energy homes for the London Borough of Newham. Here, they witnessed the vitality of an active construction site and our commitment to sustainable building practices.

Diverse Learning Experiences: Beyond the Construction Sites

To have a comprehensive understanding of the construction industry, one must look beyond physical sites. Back at the head office, we introduced the students to the many operations underpinning our business. They had the opportunity to interact with teams from pre-construction, accounts, and business administration, gaining insights into various career paths within the industry.

The students were also tasked with presenting their findings on various types of construction hoarding. They explored the multiple messages these practical and necessary structures can communicate to the public, reinforcing the multifaceted nature of the construction industry.

Reflections on the Experience

Reflecting on their week, both students expressed a newfound appreciation for the diversity and complexity of the construction industry. One student noted, “I enjoyed making site visits; in particular, I liked seeing the completed flats at Cremer Street as I have an interest in interior design. The experience has definitely opened my mind to the different opportunities available in the design and build worlds!”

The second student was equally enthusiastic: “I liked that we had the opportunity to visit both a live and completed site. In the office, I enjoyed learning about the different steps that go into building something like a flat. It was good also to see that my skills can be applied in different types of workplaces as I have an interest in technology.”

Jerram Falkus: Inspiring the Next Generation of Construction Professionals

We are driven by a belief that the construction industry holds a wealth of opportunities for young people. We strive to showcase the wide range of careers in our sector, and our commitment to providing hands-on experience forms a central part of our social value initiatives. We look forward to continuing our work with schools and colleges to contribute to developing future talent in the construction industry.

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