A Meaningful Engagement: Jerram Falkus and New City College

Jerram Falkus, a long-established company in the construction sector renowned for its commitment towards sustainable building methods, has been honoured to participate in a series of professional activities at New City College, the largest educational establishment in East London. Here, chronicle these memorable events, which offered a unique opportunity for mutual growth, knowledge exchange, and the fortification of community relationships.

Breakfast Networking Session at New City College

Jerram Falkus were cordially invited to New City College’s Hackney Campus for a much-anticipated business breakfast networking session. This forum was designed to foster a platform of vibrant, multi-industry networking that could help incubate innovative ideas, foster new collaborations, and strengthen existing ones.

Here, representatives from various local businesses, including ourselves at Jerram Falkus, congregated in a spirit of shared community growth. A symbiotic relationship between the educational and business sectors was palpable, with both equally eager to understand the unique challenges and prospects the other experiences.

A Tour of the Campus

After the invigorating networking session, we were offered a grand campus tour. This allowed us to fully immerse ourselves in the hub of intellectual curiosity that is New City College. The college provides its students with an expansive selection of courses, with various departments offering various courses across different disciplines.

As we navigated through the state-of-the-art facilities, we were given a glimpse of the future workforce that the college was nurturing. Particularly, we focused on students pursuing Levels 2 & 3 in Electrical Installation, Levels 2 & 3 in Health & Social Care, and Level 3 in Business and Finance Administration, some areas most pertinent to the construction and real estate sectors.

The Mock Interview Event

The highlight of our visit was undoubtedly the mock interview event held with current students. As professionals in the industry, we valued the opportunity to interact with these talented students, providing practical insights into the dynamics of a professional interview.

Our Social Value Manager, Alison Cormack, played a pivotal role in providing students with invaluable feedback, praising the impressive standard of their learning and their commitment to balancing part-time jobs alongside studies. She commented, “The event was very well organised and managed – the college was so hospitable, and their students were impeccable.”

These mock interviews weren’t merely a chance for students to practise their interviewing skills but an avenue for us to gauge the talent pool ready to enter the industry in the near future. It served as an enriching exchange, allowing us to identify promising candidates for our entry-level recruitment requirements.

Nurturing Partnership With New City College

New City College is the largest educational institution in East London, with nine campuses located across the eastern part of the Capital. An institution of this scale is a valuable partner for businesses such as ours, and this event further cemented our commitment to collaborate and grow together.

Through these networking sessions and interactive events, we at Jerram Falkus have the opportunity to directly engage with our future workforce, helping shape their skills and career direction while addressing the industry’s evolving needs.

We eagerly anticipate our next collaboration with New City College and hope for more engaging and meaningful opportunities.

To join us in future events and continue this narrative of collaboration and learning, we invite you to register your interest in their next event here.