Bringing Communities Together – Social Value Manager Alison Cormack meets up with the Bow Geezers

At Jerram Falkus, we believe that our roles go well beyond the realms of construction to encompass social value commitments. An exemplification of this commitment is our recent collaboration with a local community group, the Bow Geezers. 

The Bow Geezers and Jerram Falkus: A Shared Vision for Community Engagement 

Our Social Value Manager, Alison Cormack, recently met with the Bow Geezers, a group that embodies the spirit of community integration and social cohesion. The Bow Geezers comprises of retired, socially isolated gentlemen residing in and around Bow, London, supported by Age UK. 

In an effort to connect with the local communities we serve, Jerram Falkus actively sought engagement with the Bow Geezers. We see our connection with them as a valuable opportunity to appreciate and participate in the lives of those directly impacted by our work. The goal is to create spaces where people don’t just exist but thrive and find a sense of belonging. 

A Historic Gathering at Bishopsgate Institute 

The Bow Geezers, alongside Alison Cormack, congregated at the beautiful and culturally rich Bishopsgate Institute, a cornerstone of intellectual and cultural exploration in London. At this gathering, they were engaged in a stirring talk on social inclusion, with a special focus on the role of East End London pubs in community life. 

This thought-provoking talk was delivered by esteemed social historian Dr Michelle Johansen, an expert in the history of modern London. Furthermore, the members of the Eton Manor Boys Club, another community group, joined the session, providing even more depth to the discussions and activities. They contributed to the event by bringing along historically significant items, such as maps and watercolour prints of Hackney dating back to 1936. 

Ongoing Community Engagements 

Continuing in the spirit of fostering community connections, Jerram Falkus plans to collaborate with the Bow Geezers on delivering a community activity later in the summer. This is just one of the many ways we aim to make meaningful contributions to the communities we operate in. 

Our commitment to these values is best reflected in our ongoing projects in Bow, one of which is Arnold Road. This £24.5m residential development for the London Borough of Tower Hamlets encapsulates our mission to build not just structures but also to foster communities. 

Arnold Road: A Community-Centric Development 

The Arnold Road scheme is a comprehensive project that involves the design and construction of two blocks. These blocks will offer five commercial units on the ground floors and 62 flats for affordable rent. Through this project, we aim to provide more than just housing; we aspire to facilitate a space where people can connect, create, and thrive. 

This project aligns with our mission to ensure our developments carry economic, social, and environmental benefits, thus making a lasting, positive impact on the communities in which we operate. As part of our social value commitments, we persistently strive to engage with the communities we work in, understanding their needs and taking steps to address them. 

Beyond Bricks and Mortar: Building Communities with Jerram Falkus  

At Jerram Falkus, we believe in creating a synergy between our construction endeavours and the social fabric of the people we serve. We don’t just construct buildings; we build relationships and contribute to the growth of vibrant, inclusive communities. Our ongoing engagement with groups like the Bow Geezers is a testament to our commitment. Get in touch with us for more information.