The Essence of Heritage: An Intimate Glimpse Behind Jerram Falkus Construction

As stewards of London’s architectural legacy, we at Jerram Falkus Construction carry a profound passion for the city we’ve had the privilege to call home for over a century. Recently, we had the unique opportunity to partake in the Open House Festival, orchestrated by Open City, an initiative that resonates deeply with our ethos. This festival celebrates London’s architectural splendour, offering an exclusive peek behind the scenes of the city’s most intriguing abodes. 

The Open House Festival: A Celebration of Architectural Wonders 

What exactly is the Open House Festival? It is a two-week-long festivity, a tribute to London’s illustrious homes, architecture, and neighbourhoods. The festival sets a criterion that each participating edifice must exemplify architectural, historical, or social significance. We were thrilled to have our headquarters, nestled in the vibrant district of Shoreditch, meet these esteemed criteria. 

A Journey Through Time: The Pop-up Museum  

For this special occasion, we transformed a spare office into a pop-up museum – a curated space brimming with historical treasures. We displayed ancient maps showcasing the evolution of the locality and photographs of iconic projects that we’ve had the honour of undertaking, including the intricate Blackwall Tunnel ventilation shafts and the esteemed Natural History Museum. Artefacts like vintage theodolites and surveying cameras adorned the space, and we even set up a table tennis table in the garden, optimistically awaiting clement weather. 

A spare office transformed into a pop-up museum

Fostering Community Through Art: Collaborating with Look Ahead 

Our collaboration with Look Ahead, an adult special needs centre based in Tower Hamlets, underscored the event. Tasked with creating art from upcycled materials, their masterpieces were a focal point, piquing the curiosity of our guests. Our bond with Look Ahead is a nurtured relationship underscored by mutual support, exemplified by our involvement in their open day at Tower Hamlets, a stone’s throw away from our Shetland Road project nearing completion. 

A Gathering of Global Proportions 

The festival attracted a global audience, a testament to the universal allure of London’s architectural tapestry. Among our 34 guests were people from various locations, including Newcastle and Tokyo! The feedback was heartwarming and reaffirmed our commitment to hosting the next Open House in 2024. Here are some of the reflections we cherished: 

Fascinating to see behind the closed doors – H.H

Great to visit and to see the work you do. Thanks! – Neil

Very interesting to see the offices and examples of their work – James

An enjoyable evening and I really love the Barking connection (where I am from) – T.M

Thank you for opening the building to the public! It is an amazing space, great to see that it is taken care of so well. Lovely meeting with the team – thank you Alison for showing me around. –  LP

10/10 – E

Lovely to see your projects and history – L.M

Really fascinating to see a family-run construction business. Fantastic refurb! – G.H

Really cool history in a very busy area! Such a great vibe with such great staff – S.C

Reflecting on Our Legacy: The Journey of Jerram Falkus Construction 

 Our journey began over 138 years ago, grounded in a commitment to excellence and a deep reverence for London’s architectural heritage. As a family-run business, we’ve woven our narrative into the city’s urban fabric, witnessing and contributing to its transformation. We’ve evolved alongside London, adapting to new methodologies while preserving the craftsmanship that stands as our hallmark. 

The Future: Upholding Tradition While Embracing Innovation 

As we look to the future, our vision remains clear: to blend tradition with innovation, ensuring that each project we undertake not only meets but exceeds contemporary standards. Sustainability, efficiency, and aesthetic integrity form the cornerstones of our ethos.  Contact us for your construction projects.