House Building Contractors to Follow “MMC” Plan

Considering England’s growing demand for sustainable housing, and as part of the Government’s goal to increase construction productivity, Homes England (the Government’s housing agency) has commissioned research into Modern Methods of Construction (MMC). This programme is set to collect data from 1800 homes across eight building sites over six years in order to encourage house building contractors and other industry players to adopt innovative methods of construction.

One year into the MMC study, research and development consultants Atkins and Faithful & Gould have completed the groundwork aimed at shaping the data, collection methodology, and engaging with house building contractors. Homes England confirms that the research into MMC consists of a wide range of innovative building systems that include; modular, panelised, and prefabricated frames, and that they will be releasing annual updates on the study before a final report at the end of the six-year programme.

The most important driving forces of the MMC study are to:

  • Explore a range of themes including, but not limited to; cost and pace of build, snagging and defect issues, safety performance, logistics and energy performance, on the construction of homes utilising MMC.
  • Establish a robust data set that will help make informed decisions about the use of MMC technologies.
  • Use this data to encourage and provide confidence to house building contractors to incorporate these innovative methods within their residential projects.

Some of the potential benefits of utilising modern methods of construction technologies over conventional techniques are that they typically require less time, overall cost and labour force while improving the quality and energy-energy efficiency of newly built homes.

With the dreadful impact of Covid-19 and the government’s commitment to delivering up to 300,000 homes per year, there is a greater need to boost revenue and improve construction productivity. It is, therefore, hoped that this research will provide data-backed evidence of the benefits of MMC technologies to encourage house building contractors, investors, insurers and homebuyers to support its use.

About Jerram Falkus

Jerram Falkus is an established and experienced family-run construction business with a strong commitment to innovation. This approach has helped us to maximise the benefits of modern methods of construction technologies to meet the unique needs of our clients, for example, in our Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) projects- 52 Whitmore Road and EKO Pathways School, and in our Modular projects- Weighbridge and Wivenhoe Road.

If you are looking for house building contractors with experience using MMC technologies, then look no further than Jerram Falkus. Get in touch with us for more information.