Muhammad’s Journey Into the Construction World With Jerram Falkus: An Eye-Opening Work Experience

At Jerram Falkus, we firmly believe in empowering today’s youths to build the cities of tomorrow. Our ongoing commitment to providing work experience opportunities allows us to play a vital role in nurturing the construction industry’s future. This week, we hosted Muhammad, a diligent London Design and Engineering UTC student in Newham, at three of our active residential construction sites. This story depicts his enriching journey into the world of construction.

Introduction to Active Construction Sites

Muhammad embarked on a journey to explore the intricacies of the construction world under our guidance. We introduced him to the captivating dynamics of our residential projects at David Street, Anne Street, and Landseer Avenue. Each site presented him with unique architectural designs and construction challenges, providing a broader perspective on the industry.

Learning the Ropes: An Insider’s View

In line with his ambition to become a Civil Engineer, Muhammad’s work experience programme was meticulously crafted. Shadowing our seasoned site managers, he observed the pulse of our day-to-day operations, gaining invaluable insights into the various stages of construction.

During his time at these sites, he delved into the complex processes forming our projects’ backbone. From understanding how to tackle complications, surveying and quality checks, and learning about future plans, Muhammad immersed himself in our sites’ bustling activities.

Exploring the Art of Hoarding

The multi-faceted construction industry extends beyond the confines of buildings. Muhammad also learned about the various types of hoarding, ensuring both safety and aesthetics on-site. This enabled him to understand the importance of site preparation and how it contributes to the overall project’s success.

Refining Aspirations: Building Towards a Civil Engineering Career

Muhammad’s previous work experience with Mace had already sparked his desire to pursue a career in Civil Engineering. His recent exposure to our construction sites further reinforced his aspiration. Civil Engineers play a crucial role in any construction project, and this experience provided Muhammad with a glimpse of the pivotal responsibility they shoulder in shaping our built environment.

A Personal Perspective: Muhammad’s Insight

Reflecting on his work experience, Muhammad shared his enthusiasm about the diverse nature of construction sites. He found it particularly fascinating to compare the different stages of construction across our sites, from the initial phase to near completion. He appreciated the complexity of the Landseer Avenue project, where two construction types – concrete frame and traditional build – were simultaneously in progress.

“I have enjoyed seeing different sites this week and comparing their progress,” said Muhammad. “It’s interesting to see the different stages of construction, as some parts of the projects are more complete than others. I especially enjoyed visiting Landseer Avenue as it involves two types of builds, concrete frame and traditional build. I’ve enjoyed getting real-world experience, and completing the work experience placement has made me more confident to carry on pursuing my chosen path.

Jerram Falkus: Building a Legacy, Inspiring the Future

Jerram Falkus is more than a construction company; we are committed to building a future where individuals like Muhammad can realise their potential. We understand the impact of real-world experiences in shaping the career choices of young individuals. As such, we are committed to providing enriching opportunities that shed light on the rewarding and dynamic world of construction.

By hosting these work experience placements, we aim to illuminate the diverse career paths within the construction industry and motivate younger generations to consider construction as their career choice. Muhammad’s experience is a testament to our mission, reflecting our unwavering commitment to our social value initiatives. For more information on our ongoing efforts in shaping a brighter future, please explore Jerram Falkus’ Social Value initiatives.

Find out more about Jerram Falkus’ Social Value initiatives here.