Social Value Manager Alison Cormack’s Active Engagement with East London Schools

At Jerram Falkus, our dedication goes beyond the scope of construction and real estate development. We take a keen interest in nurturing talent for the future, acknowledging the importance of equipping younger generations with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed.

Our proactive involvement with local schools, colleges, and universities, coupled with our regular work experience and post-graduate placement offerings, speaks volumes about our dedication to fostering future professionals.

Alison Cormack: A Champion for Youth Empowerment

Our Social Value Manager, Alison Cormack, stands at the forefront of this endeavour. Known for her active involvement and contribution, Alison recently made significant strides in reaching out to youths at two pivotal events in East London schools.

The STEM Industries Career Event

First on her itinerary was the STEM Industries Career Event, organised by the Barking and Dagenham School Improvement Partnership and hosted by Jo Richardson School in Dagenham. This event provided Year 8 students from secondary schools across the borough an enriching platform to gain industry insights from professionals across various STEM-centric industries.

The three-hour session was an unequivocal success, boasting a participation of over 100 students and receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback from teachers and students. The event comprised short talks from industry professionals, who elucidated their respective fields’ career paths, emphasising STEM subjects’ pivotal roles.

As part of the event, industry ambassadors offered a wealth of advice and information on pursuing careers in their respective sectors. They underscored the future directions of these sectors, particularly focusing on burgeoning fields like sustainability, environmental impact, technological advancements, and sophisticated IT systems.

Reflecting on the event, Alison expressed her delight in the students’ curiosity and enthusiasm. “A large number of the students I spoke with said that they hadn’t realised how varied the roles were within the construction and felt inspired to learn more about the industry,” she stated, emphasising the importance of such events in dispelling misconceptions about the industry.

The Employment Masterclass

Alison’s community involvement didn’t stop there. She subsequently participated in an employment masterclass hosted by Construction Youth Trust at Eastbrook School in Dagenham. Collaborating with the Construction Youth Trust, Alison led a masterclass for Year 11 students as part of the NEET programme, focusing on essential skills like writing effective cover letters and understanding employers’ expectations.

The session proved to be another triumph, with students finding it highly informative and beneficial. In Alison’s words, “It’s always a pleasure participating in events at schools. The younger generation is lucky to have access to such support, especially in today’s society where the prospect of job hunting can be very daunting.”

Jerram Falkus’ Commitment to Talent Development

Alison Cormack’s proactive approach to supporting local schools underscores Jerram Falkus’ commitment to community engagement and talent development. We recognise that investing time and resources in our youngsters today equates to building a brighter, more capable future.

With experts like Alison sharing their invaluable experience and industry knowledge, we hope to continue inspiring and equipping young minds to not only succeed in the professional world but also to drive the progress of the construction and real estate industries. Get in touch with us to learn more about our commitment to talent development.