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The Expectations of School and Further Education College Building and Construction

05/12/2023 Modern and well-designed educational buildings play an integral role in enhancing learning experiences. They provide a conducive environment for students to learn and grow and serve as a hub for community activities, sports, and other recreational pursuits. From classrooms that…
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Key Qualities to Look for in Refurbishment Contractors

05/12/2023 Refurbishment projects represent a profound commitment to the preservation and enhancement of properties. These projects require a deep understanding of traditional craftsmanship and modern construction techniques, and their complexity underscores the necessity for skilled refurbishment contractors who can navigate the…
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Hospital Construction Guidelines – Our Duties as a Construction Firm

16/11/2023 Constructing a hospital is no small feat. It’s an intricate task that demands meticulous planning, uncompromising adherence to construction regulations, and a laser-like focus on the specific guidelines related to hospital construction. The end goal? To create a safe, efficient,…
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The Evolution of Sports Facility Design: From Ancient Civilisations to Modern Masterpieces

16/11/2023 Sports facilities have always been at the heart of our entertainment and recreational activities, from the ancient Greek Olympic stadiums to today’s state-of-the-art megastructures. Each epoch throughout history has introduced ground-breaking innovations that have redefined the landscape of sports facility…
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Well Done Tyler!

09/10/2023 Congratulations to Tyler Dolan and Charlotte Craven for their award nominations at the London Region Construction Training group Awards, held last week at Pewterers’ Hall, London. The awards recognise, celebrate and showcase construction skills, talent, achievements and career progression amongst…
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The Essence of Heritage: An Intimate Glimpse Behind Jerram Falkus Construction

18/09/2023 As stewards of London’s architectural legacy, we at Jerram Falkus Construction carry a profound passion for the city we’ve had the privilege to call home for over a century. Recently, we had the unique opportunity to partake in the Open…
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All Topped Out at Roxwell Road

30/06/2023 On a sunny morning this month, Jerram Falkus Construction were joined by Be First, Barking and Dagenham’s pioneering regeneration company, to celebrate the topping out of our Roxwell Road project, in Barking. 87 New Quality Homes Works commenced in August…
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Jerram Falkus educates Ilford pupils on environmental awareness

08/03/2023 Working in collaboration with Inspire, Jerram Falkus was fortunate enough to co-host an environmental awareness activity, which was delivered to 120 Year 2 pupils from Cleveland Primary School in Ilford. Inspire’s World of Work educational programme brings together business and…
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