Fostering Future Builders: Jerram Falkus and Total Build Limited Inspire Newham Students

Education and professional development form the cornerstone of any thriving industry, and at Jerram Falkus, we believe that the construction sector is no exception. With our rich heritage of over 138 years, we recognise the importance of preparing the younger generation for a career in construction, and what better way of achieving this than through a construction activity?

As part of our commitment to supporting future talent, we recently collaborated with Total Build Limited and 15billionebp to deliver a hands-on construction activity to year two students from Nelson Primary School in Newham.

A Collaborative Initiative for Education

Our joint initiative was part of the World of Work events organised by 15billionebp, an East London-based charity committed to bridging the gap between schools and employers. This charity fosters a connection between young people and the potential careers that await them, allowing students to explore various professions while still in school.

Our collective effort with Total Build Limited, a reputable bricklaying contractor, provided over 120 young students with a unique opportunity to engage in practical and interactive construction activities. Jason Panzavechia, Contracts Manager at Total Build Ltd, led the session, teaching the students the foundational elements of building a sturdy wall, including how to form a corner.

Encouraging Experiential Learning in Construction

Experiential learning forms an integral part of education, particularly in the construction sector, which requires a delicate balance of theoretical knowledge and practical skills. The hands-on approach of our collaborative session allowed students to gain a real-world perspective on the construction process.

The students were not only taught but were also given the chance to adorn Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), an essential element in maintaining safety on construction sites. Moreover, they learned how bricks, the basic building blocks of construction, are made, offering them a comprehensive understanding of the building process from the initial raw materials stage.

Building Bonds for Future Collaboration

The collaboration between Jerram Falkus and Total Build Limited extends beyond a single event. We are eager to build on our shared commitment to educating young people about the construction industry. By engaging students in practical construction activities, we hope to ignite a passion for the industry and educate them about the wealth of career opportunities available within the sector.

Reflecting on the event, Jason expressed his delight at the students’ enthusiasm and active engagement with the activities. He said, “The children were very keen to engage with the activity, and they listened with enthusiasm to what they were being shown. The practical bricklaying activity reinforced their learning. The engagement gave me a greater insight into the positive ways young people perceive the construction industry. I am looking forward to delivering another event in the future.”

Jerram Falkus’ Social Value Initiatives: Building a Better Future

At Jerram Falkus, we understand the critical role we play in shaping the physical structures within our community as well as the minds of our future builders. Our commitment to social value initiatives, like this collaboration with Total Build Limited, underscores our dedication to giving back to the community and fostering the growth of the construction industry.

In addition to facilitating educational activities, we continually strive to contribute to society through sustainable construction practices and collaborations with charities and local organisations. These initiatives form an integral part of our identity.

Constructing a Bridge Between Education and Industry

As an established family-run construction company, we see the inherent value in providing hands-on experience to students to complement their traditional education. By bridging the gap between schools and the construction industry, we aim to inspire curiosity, foster skills, and ignite a passion for construction amongst young people.

Through collaborations like the one with Total Build Limited, we want to continue nurturing young talent and encouraging the next generation of architects, builders, and engineers. With each brick laid, wall built, and every construction activity, we are not just creating physical structures but crafting an enduring legacy of knowledge and expertise for future generations to come.

As we continue to forge ahead, we are excited about the potential to create more such opportunities that inspire young people to consider a rewarding career in construction. After all, the future of our industry lies in the hands of these eager, young learners. By giving them the tools and knowledge needed to succeed, we are investing in the future of construction and real estate development in London and the South East.

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