Cannock Mill, Colchester, Essex

In the heart of Colchester, Essex, a unique project took shape under the expert hands of our London-based building contractors. We collaborated with Cannock Mill Cohousing Colchester (CMCC) to bring their vision of a sustainable, eco-friendly environment to life. This venture was anything but ordinary, blending the principles of Passivhaus design with the communal ethos of cohousing.

The Residential Construction: An Oasis of Sustainability

This groundbreaking project involved the residential construction of 23 new build homes, each meticulously designed to complement the surroundings and cater to modern living needs. The blend of one and two-bedroom flats, along with 17 houses offering up to three bedrooms, provided a diverse mix of living spaces. Each dwelling also boasted additional features such as garages and convenient storage spaces situated in the undercroft of the six flats.

The Grade II Listed Mill Refurbishment

Our expert building contractors were also tasked with the delicate refurbishment of a Grade II listed Mill, an iconic local structure that was repurposed into a common house for the cohousing community. This common area has now become a hub for shared meals, leisure activities, guest accommodation, and even a cycle store, fostering a sense of community within the development.

Passivhaus Standards: Embracing Sustainable Comfort and Health

The standout feature of this project was its commitment to Passivhaus standards, resulting in buildings that are registered on the Passivhaus database. This rigorous, voluntary standard for energy efficiency ensures the buildings achieve exceptionally low running costs and offer a high degree of sustainable comfort and health. It further promotes the Lifetime Homes standards, making these homes a long-term investment in quality living.

Key Design Features: The Pillars of Sustainability

The design features embedded within this development embodied environmental consciousness and practicality:

  • Eco-Friendly Finishes:

This included the use of environment-friendly paints and stains, a self-coloured render that eliminates the need for repainting, and the choice of renewable bamboo flooring.

  • Thermal Efficiency:

The homes were designed with high levels of thermal insulation and the absence of thermal bridging. They featured highly insulated triple-glazed windows and doors, contributing to a high degree of air tightness, thus eliminating draughts.

  • Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Recovery (MVHR):

This feature enables the recovery of heat from the ventilation system, making a significant contribution to the overall energy efficiency of the buildings.

  • Bespoke Joinery:

Falkus Joinery crafted custom kitchens and staircases, infusing each home with a distinct touch of craftsmanship and quality.

About Jerram Falkus: Your Trusted Construction Partner

Whether you’re considering a residential project that embraces sustainable design or looking to breathe new life into a historical building, we at Jerram Falkus are prepared to assist. With a rich history and dedication to exceptional workmanship, we stand as an established, London-based building contractor ready to help with your next project. Get in touch with us for more information.

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